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Fly fishing is one of the most challenging forms of angling, being as much akin to hunting as it is to other forms of fishing. Its you against the fish, attempting to lure it into striking the fly. Other forms of fishing are more efficient, better suited to putting fish on the table, but none provide the same experience you get with a fly fishing rod in your hand.

Basics of Fly Fishing

Before considering a rod, you need to understand the nature of the sport. Fly fishing is primarily a river sport, where you cast an artificial fly into the area where a fish is hunting. You need patience, and the knowledge of what insects are hatching so you can tailor your fly to what the fish are taking now. Its not easy, but it is rewarding.

Fly Rod Action

One of the most important qualities of a fly rod is the action; the amount of flex it has on the cast. Most beginners should start with a medium-action rod. It flexes partway down and is the most versatile. Fast-action rods only flex near the tip, and are best for powerful casts at longer distances; they are also the hardest to learn on. Slow-action rods flex almost all the way down and are better for small fish and shorter distances.

Fly Rod Materials

For years, fly fishing rods were made of fibreglass though more recent ones have switched almost entirely to graphite-based composition. Fibreglass works well enough for a beginner rod you can buy for the kids to decide if they like fly fishing, but otherwise its a good idea to stick to graphite which gives you more strength and less weight.

Choosing a Rod

Buying fishing rods, fly or otherwise, is a matter of matching the rod to your needs. Its often a good idea to start with a fly fishing rod and reel combo and work from there. Unless you know you need a long or short rod, start with medium lengths, they are more versatile and often easier to transport.