Fly Slot Cars

Enjoy speed and competition with Fly slot cars

Throughout human history, racing has been an important part of civilisation. What started as foot races quickly became horse races and car races. Slot cars have been racing almost as long as cars have been around, with Fly slot cars playing a unique role in slot car racings history.

The history of Fly slot cars

As long as there have been cars, humans have loved to race them. Weve always had a passion for speed and a healthy dose of competition. Slot cars took advantage of this love of racing by creating small, electric model cars that could draw power from slot car tracks. After slot cars were created in 1912, the slot car racing hobby boomed in the United States, spreading around the world. Racetracks were built to accommodate for spectators and fans as they watched people race their cars against one another.

As the years went on, the cars became faster and more advanced. During the 1990s the Spanish slot car manufacturer, Fly Model Car, made impressive improvements to their earlier models, adding stunning detail that mimics real racecars. Now, slot cars remain a consistent hobby around the globe but have moved into homes, garages, and clubhouses.

Buying Fly slot cars

Whether youre a collector or a racer, youll appreciate the incredible detail included in all Fly slot cars. With intricately designed components and a precise paint job, these are cars that belong in any slot car enthusiasts collection. If youre considering starting or adding to your slot car collection, you should first consider what car conditions you are willing to buy. Some Fly slot cars are considered new, as theyve been owned by a collector who has not run them on a track. Other Fly slot cars may show wear and tear from years of use or time outside of its packaging. No matter which condition you choose, youll discover your love of racing and the excitement of model cars.

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