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Fitness professionals and enthusiasts can all benefit from regular use of an exercise foam roller to promote core strength and muscle flexibility. These accessories are ideal companions for your exercise mats and fitness exercise balls. Use them to enhance your experience with pilates, yoga, physiotherapy, massage therapy, balance training and general pre-workout stretching. You simply lower your bodyweight onto the physio roller and start rolling it along your muscles, which helps soften knots and provides similar relief to a regular massage. Consider leading fitness equipment brands like Everfit, Powertrain, Finether and others found on eBay.


Exercise foam rollers tend to be made with either low-density EPE material for mild massage, or durable high-density EVA foam that withstands wear and tear and maintains its shape through repeated use over long periods of time. You have a choice between different levels of firmness depending on the massage you have in mind. It is quite easy to clean these rollers with a damp cloth. Some physio rollers feature a soft, anti-bacterial textured spotted surface that provides superior traction and additional comfort. This surface is often designed with around 4000 physio beads.

Size and colour

These lightweight items come in a range of sizes to suit your body shape and intended use. Sizes include a standard diameter of 15cm with a variable length of 30cm, 45cm, 60cm, 90cm or even 150cm. Blue, purple, black and pink are the most popular colours, but you can find green, orange and other coloured yoga rollers too. Some items for sale online include a carry bag.

Grid foam rollers

Grid foam rollers use special trigger points in different patterns to provide a more targeted massage. The firm bumps gently massage and stretch the muscles to help eliminate muscle tension. These items are typically smaller than regular exercise rollers, with common dimensions of 12.5cm diameter x 33cm length.

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