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Focal Car Speakers and Speaker Systems

Focal Car Speakers and Speaker Systems

Focal car speakers and speaker systems are perfect for enhancing the audio quality of your car stereo system. They feature high-quality construction and materials, and they can duplicate a wide array of audio frequencies to make nearly any genre of music sound crisp and clear. There are a number of different Focal car audio speakers and speaker systems available, so you can find a set that suits your individual sound needs.

Focal Full-Range Car Speaker Systems

Focal full-range car speaker systems feature standard speakers as well as subwoofers and tweeters. This type of system has a small tweeter built into the subwoofer, which makes it possible for the system to reproduce the full range of audio frequencies that are present in most songs. The full-range system comes with various speaker sizes ranging from 10 to 30 centimetres.

Focal Mid-Range Car Speaker Systems

Focal mid-range car speaker systems feature standard speakers as well as conical speakers known as squawkers. This type of speaker is a combination of a woofer and a tweeter, and it is capable of producing a wide spectrum of sounds. The speaker system delivers high sound quality with minimal distortion.

Focal 2-Way Component Speakers

Focal 2-way component speakers feature speakers in which each has a woofer and tweeter component. This creates an even sound. They are available in two or four-speaker configurations, and if you enjoy music with extra bass, you can add a subwoofer to create a complete system.

Focal 4-Way Component Speakers

Focal 4-way component speakers each feature four built-in components including a woofer, a mid-range cone, and two tweeters. This type of speaker creates clear sounds, and it takes up less space than a system with an additional subwoofer, so it works well for smaller vehicles.