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Focusrite for all your audio processing needs

Focusrite (technically Focusrite plc, once Focusrite Audio Engineering), is one of the UKs premier audio processing equipment manufacturers, and a very popular brand amongst Australian musicians. They make a wide range of mic preamps, analogue EQs, channel strips, and digital audio processing equipment.

The company was started in 1985 to create a line of ‘no compromise microphone preamplifiers and equalisers. Their first product was exactly that, the Focusrite ISA 110, first delivered in 1987. The ISA 130 followed in 1988, as well as a full recording console. However, only two of the prohibitively expensive 1988 consoles were ever produced. After a restructuring, the Focusrite Studio Console went into production in 1990. The Saffire Firewire line of audio interfaces was introduced in 2005, which featured a USB audio interface.

Focusrite iTrack

The Focusrite iTrack Solo was designed as an interface for recording both vocals and interfaces on Apples iPad tablets. However, it is fully compatible with PC and Mac computers. The iTrack works with the Focusrite Scarlett Plug-in Suite software once installed.

The Focsrite Clarett OctoPre MkII is an 8 channel microphone preamp and line extension with an air transmission emulation feature. It features separate mic preamp and instrument inputs. Focusrite also makes several Scarlett OctoPre models.

Focusrite Scarlett Line

The 2nd Gen Focusrite Scarlett line (Focusrite Scarlett 2i2, Focusrite Scarlett 6i6, Focusrite Scarlett 18i8, Focusrite Scarlett 18i20, Focusrite Scarlett Solo Studio are said to be the top-selling USB audio interfaces worldwide. Focusrite are sure to provide studio equipment packages to suit you. Going back to the companys roots, it achieves a laser-like focus on just three things, ease of use, high-speed processing and ultra-high sound quality. Its Scarlett mic preamps are known for their low latency. This range allows real-time monitoring of software effects. The second generation is sleeker and more portable, and boast sampling rates as high as 192 kHz.