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Foldable Walkers & Canes

Foldable Walkers & Canes

As people age, getting around is not easy as it once was. Also, people recovering from injuries need a little assistance getting around as well. Canes are a simple device that people who need just a little help when walking can use while foldable walkers offer a great deal of support.

What are some essential features in a cane?

Folding canes, also known as walking sticks, come in a number of different styles, including:

  • Quad canes
  • Offset canes
  • Palm handle canes
  • T-handle canes
  • Curved canes

For people who have stability issues when walking, a quad cane is a good choice. These canes have four prongs with rubber tips on the end of the cane and allow users to put more weight on the cane. Folding canes are nice options because they fold up into a third or a quarter of the size and store easily when not in use. Some also offer adjustable height options.

What features are important to have in a folding walker?

Walkers are available in two styles: with wheels or without wheels. The type without wheels and rubber tips and users pick them up each time they take a step, Rolling walkers, sometimes known as rollators, roll along as user walk, allowing them to concentrate more on walking and less about moving the walker. Folding walkers store away easily and have baskets and pockets for storing items. Some folding walkers also have pads that allow users to kneel with one leg while moving or even to sit down to take a break.