Folk Art & Indigenous Art

Folk and Indigenous Art

When it comes to decorating your home, one of the touches that allows you to express your sense of style is adorning your walls and shelves with pieces of interesting art. Everyone prefers different types of art; some may like Picasso or Monet reprints, others like one-of-a-kind original folk or indigenous art. There are many different unique pieces to express your personal style in any room of the home.

Wooden Pieces

When it comes to folk art, some of the most popular pieces are wooden accents or wooden sculptures. As with any piece of art, it’s hard to determine authenticity without being an expert, but a good rule of thumb is not to overpay and simply buy what you like. Depending on the region, wooden sculptures and wooden dolls are extremely popular.


Some local artists take their talents and turn them into jewellery. Look for pendants with handmade stones or beads to have a perfect piece of jewellery. Artisans also create many different types of accessories as well, with everything from an embroidered purse to a candle holder. When buying jewellery and accessories, look for pieces you like that already match well with your ensemble. Many of the pieces will be newly made, however there are older folk art and costume pieces on the market.


One of the most common pieces of folk art or indigenous art includes paintings. Here is where authenticity may be tough, but when you’re buying dealer listed art paintings from a certified dealer, they should also come with some type of certificate of authenticity or money-back guarantee. Look for paintings on oil or canvas; some pieces of original art also feature paintings on wall plates and are meant to be decorative and hang on walls.

Australian Art

Folk and indigenous art isn’t native to Australia, but Australia has a lot of wonderful pieces of native art to offer. Look for original Aborigine pieces, which are often in the form of rock art. Many early Australian art is on tapestry or is embroidered. Styles vary by region so it highly depends on what region and period of time you’re searching for. Dot style paintings that originate from the Western Desert are some of the most popular pieces of indigenous Australian art.