Delicious Dining With Fondue Pots And Sets

So, you’ve decided to throw a themed dinner party and settled on the 70’s. What is a 70’s themed dinner party without a popular dish of the time, fondue? Your dinner party would be an absolute bust without a classic cheesy fondue or chocolate fountain fondue as the focus of the night. Check out the excellent range of fondue pot sets available at reasonable prices here on eBay, both new and used. You will find vintage fondue sets as well as brand new classic looking fondue sets.

Fondue has stood the test of time

  • Fondue is one of the simplest dishes created. Dating back to the 17th century, in Zurich Switzerland. By the 19th century it was considered the national dish of the country. 
  • Originally created to use up stale bread, the bread would soften once dipped in a hot cheese mix. In the 1930’s it was being promoted heavily to increase the consumption of cheese, with a huge number of fondue recipes being created.
  • Traditional fondue pots were made from earthenware, stoneware, cast iron or porcelain. Each producing slightly different results. The pot was placed over a spirit burner or flame, creating a consistent, gentle heat, keeping the cheesy mix at the ideal consistency.
  • Fondue is a hearty meal as well as being an excellent social occasion. It brings people together to laugh and have fun and is ideal for those cooler winter evenings.

Get ready to have some fun as you start to scroll through the large range of fondue pot sets. Start by narrowing your search by type, such as fondue sets or fondue accessories, as well as decorate plates for serving. Narrow your search even further by shopping by material, like cast iron, ceramic, or maybe stainless steel or condition. You will find the right fondue pot set to suit you and your budget. 

Shop with confidence that eBay has a money back guarantee on all purchases if you do not receive the items you purchased. Check for the payment options available as some sellers offer Afterpay, giving you the option of purchasing now and paying over 4 payments.