Food dehydrators

Food dehydrators remove the moisture from foods in order to aid preservation. The practice of dehydrating food has been used for centuries, and is now a popular way of preserving and creating tasty healthy snacks.

Different types of food dehydrators

Multi tray food dehydrators are a small kitchen appliance available in round, square and rectangular styles in a variety of modern designs. The compact plastic food dehydrators feature a selection of food grade non toxic ABS plastic trays, on which you arrange slices of fruit or vegetables for dehydrating. The transparent door allows you to monitor the entire drying process. Start small with a 5 or 7 tray dehydrator, or go all out with a stainless steel 10 tray model for more large scale or commercial creations.

Beef jerky food dehydrators are designed to remove the moisture from meats. The food dehydrator contains a removable base plate, two drying trays, three hanging rods, and nine meat hooks. It can also be used for other foods.

The many benefits of using food dehydrators

Although food dehydrators take up a small space in your kitchen, they save a great deal of space in your food storage jars and containers. Food dehydrators shrink food significantly, making it ideal for use on camping trips and days out. The mini sized portions are also perfect for snacking.

You can you use food dehydrators to dry out fruits, veggies, herbs and other foods. You can snack on them dried, or rehydrate them. Dehydrated fruits and veggies require no added sugar, salt or preservatives. None of the fibre or minerals are wasted.

Dehydrators are great appliances as they are a cheap and easy way of extending your food harvest. Instead of throwing away wasted fruit and veg, you can dry it and save it for another day. The temperature of the food dehydrators is so low it's virtually impossible to over-dry anything.

Dehydrated food keeps for up to one year when stored correctly. If your food is compromised in any way, you can easily see the mould.