Food mills for every budget

Food mills come in many different styles depending on their application, but the most common is a manual mill with a hand crank. eBay has plenty of these, plus a lot of other varieties to make your life in the kitchen a bit easier. Food mills open up a lot of opportunities to prepare different types of food, so if you like experimenting in the kitchen, these are definitely for you. Think of it like a beef mincer, but used more for fruits, vegetables and nuts!

What is a food mill used for?

Food mills are used for a range of different applications, from pureeing to making preserves. People often use it for making soups, sauces or even mashed potatoes. It’s a nice, easy kitchen utensil to use, and many people prefer the manual process of using a food mill over that of a mini food processor

The system consists of a bowl, a grinding plate and a crank. The bottom of the bowl is perforated, so when the crank is turned and the grinding plate starts squashing your food, anything that can fit will be forced through the perforated base and into another vessel. In many ways, it works like a sieve, but for harder produce.

Benefits of a food mill

One of the other reasons that people love using food mills is the fact that you can add unpeeled fruits and vegetables to the dish you’re making. So, rather than peeling before you add something into the mix, you don’t lose any of the fruit or vegetable. Once the process of milling is complete, the skin remains in the bowl and all of the usable fruit or vegetable is strained into your lower vessel.

There are also plenty of other benefits to using a food mill, including:

  • Easy to clean
  • Simple manual operation
  • No electricity required
  • Portable
  • Use with hot or cold food
  • Removes seeds and skin

So, if you make purees, soups, mashed potatoes, baby food, preserves or any other food that requires heavy straining, a food mill could be just what you need!