Food Processors

A food processor, the workhorse in the kitchen, chops and slices its way through a variety of foods so you don't have to the old-fashioned way by hand. With features and attachments to prepare a complete meal as well as beverages, you'll find one you like in a brand name you already know. Check out the variety of small kitchen appliances to add to your collection of kitchen accessories.

Small Kitchen Appliances

For a quick refreshing drink, a countertop blender or juicer blends fruits and vegetables into drinkable form, such as smoothies. Otherwise, family members can learn how to use an ice cream maker or a handheld mixer to help out in the kitchen. For lunchtime, create specialty sandwiches, such as toasted vegemite or cheese sandwich. Even a tea kettle adds charm by whistling when the water gets hot.


Using the same brand your mother or grandmother uses is not a bad idea. KitchenAid food processors are made by a company that's been producing small appliances since the early 1900s. Depending on the model, you can choose the slice's thickness when cutting up cucumbers and other foods. On the other hand, Magimix food processors feature an ultra-quiet, commercial grade motor to cut down on noise so you don't disturb others.


To save you time with food preparation, a processor with a pulse function enables you to start and stop the machine to reposition or blend food to a desired consistency. For ease of use, a touchpad control lets you make selections quickly. Models that come with an additional mixing bowl and a wide mouth feed are time-saving features to help de-stress your schedule. Once you're done in the kitchen, you can place processor parts in the dishwasher and use an accessory storage container to stash attachments.


When recipes require chopped foods, use a chopper to cut up celery and nuts to make stuffing. Chop carrots and potatoes into the perfect size for soup. Put the crusher attachment to use for making ice to treat a sprained ankle and use what's left over to chill your glass of lemonade. You'll find clever ways to use your food processor attachments, whether cooking, making crafts, or preparing your own beauty products.