Food Van

Cook up and serve delicious dishes with a top selling food van

Start up an exciting new business, or replace an existing food van for your current business with a new and modern food van from eBay. New food vans come equipped with the necessary tools and equipment to help you get setup and start preparing and selling food from any location that you like. These vehicles can be used for ice cream, for hot food items and beverages as well. They come in different shapes and sizes, and work well for small to midsize food businesses. Whether you want to supplement your restaurant with travelling food sales, or you want to form a new business entirely, a good food van is the right place to start. We gathered the top selling food van options below, so have a look and see if any are right for your business.

Select from new or used options depending on what your budget allows you to choose. There are some food vans that are tow-behind, and others that can drive on their own. The tow-behind options are more affordable and a good choice for business owners that already have a truck large enough to do the pulling.

Look carefully at the design and features of the many different options available. All feature a window that opens up, but some come with built-in lights, cooking equipment, an oversized awning and other features that are going to make people more likely to become customers. Consider the appearance of each option as well, and carefully choose a food van that's going to complement your business well and result in the most sales. That often means selecting a more modern looking option.

Also consider the overall length, carrying capacity and model year when choosing a food van for your business. It's important to match the size and capacity of the van with the type of food business that you want to run. The more items you offer for sale, the larger the van will need to be to prepare the foods and to stock your inventory. A good food van is an excellent investment for the right business owner, but it's also a good idea to look at trucks and commercial vehicles to help make sure your business runs smoothly.

No matter what business equipment you need, from Food Vans to boats, we offer it on eBay at a good price. We're so confident in our prices that we back much of our new equipment with our Best Price Guarantee so you know you aren't paying too much. Invest in your business and start reaping the profits today.