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With the help of a powerful piston pump, a vacuum food sealer creates vacuum pressure of up to -0.75 Bar (-75Kpa). A food vacuum sealer prevents issues like oxidation, dehydration, mould formation, bacteria growth and freezer burn. Some models use a simple one-touch operation, while others let you choose the most suitable seal time and control the seal pressure. Sealing food only takes about 30 seconds. More advanced models allow for settings like normal mode, dry mode, moist mode and gentle mode. An LED indicator light tells you about the progress of your sealing operation. Vacuum sealers make it easy to keep food fresh and delicious for longer. They can add days, weeks and sometimes even months to the time you're able to keep various ingredients before using them again. Whether it's meat, fish and vegetables in the fridge or freezer, or uncooked rice and pasta at room temperature, your food will look and taste almost as good as the day you sealed it. This is ideal if you want to reduce food wastage. You may like to use your vacuum food sealer in conjunction with a food dehydrator. Items may include bag roll storage, bag roll cutter, ventilation holes and a non-slip mat. Your package should come with various bag rolls, such as 12 metres by 28cm and 3 metres by 22cm. A dishwasher-safe removable drip tray is handy for catching overflowing liquids.

If you believe fresh is always best, you need a quality food vacuum sealer. These amazing kitchen accessories have revolutionised food storage, allowing you to buy your groceries in bulk, divide them up into smaller portions, and keep them inside vacuum seal food storage bags for 3-5 times longer than you would using conventional food storage methods. That means you can prepare meals in advance and reheat them much later. So not only are vacuum food sealers highly effective, they also save you money in the long run. The leading brands available on eBay include Maxkon, Luvelo, Flora and Vaclock.

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