Bring the World Cup to your place with a foosball table in the games room, living area or garage. Alongside a pool table, dart board and a table tennis table, youll be able to entertain friends and family for hours with your great setup up of recreational games from eBay!

Football tables are small, light and, best of all, simple games to play. You move your players with the handles on the sides of the table in order to get the ball in the goals on the other side and score a point. Unlike many games of this kind, foosball can be played in teams, getting more people involved!

Types of foosball tables

Standalone foosball table

Generally, when people think of buying a foosball table, they think of the standalone version, where the table top is attached to sturdy legs and can really cop a beating when the game heats up.

Tabletop foosball table

For a less permanent solution, tabletop foosball tables can be placed on top of a regular table, making it versatile and easy to transport from location to location. Take it to a friends house or on holidays. You can play anywhere there is a flat surface. These versions are generally smaller, making them easier to transport, but also a little more fragile than the standalone version.

Multi-game games table

Multi-game foosball tables are a great space-saving solution for a rumpus room with lots of kids in the house. This table allows you to slip different games onto the top of the table, making it an all-in-one tennis table, foosball table and even air hockey table. Even the most restless kids wont get bored with a table this versatile!

There are a number of fantastic foosball tables up for grabs on eBay. Find one that suits your needs and space today!