It’s time to scrub up with foot care scrubs from eBay

We might be born with baby soft skin, but over the years wear and tear can take its toll on our feet. Carrying the weight of our bodies, feet need plenty of TLC to stay in good condition, and it all starts with daily care and attention. The good news is that it’s never too late to improve your beauty regime. Whether you’re in need of deep heel treatment, or a soothing foot scrub, there’s plenty of tried and tested solutions on eBay, along with other health care products for personal wellbeing.

Exfoliate away

As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure. One of the best ways to keep feet soft is with regular exfoliation. Handy if you live by the beach, but for those in a rush, a pumice sponge or stone is a great alternative to sand. This small product offers big results, with daily scrubbing in light circular motions. This helps remove dead skin, for smooth and comfortable feet you’ll be proud to show off!

Slipper shower shoes

If you’re looking for all-over foot care, a scrubber brush slipper is a smart way to exfoliate your entire foot at once. Simply slip on in the shower and brush back and forth while you’re singing away! This giant scrub stays secure with suction pads keeping it fixed in place, and is available in pink and blue.

Heal hard skin

A common foot complaint is hard skin. From our toes to heels, feet can be prone to dry or hardened skin over time opt for a foot peel mask. This helps remove callus hard or dead skin, whilst doubling up as a foot scrub at the same time. Search for treatments with natural ingredients if you suffer with sensitive skin. Papaya olive extract is one such ingredient that helps to make your feet feel soft and smooth, or avocado oil for a natural boost. As a final thought, if you’re performing foot treatments on anyone but yourself, you may wish to stock up on hand sanitisers at the same time.