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There's nothing more relaxing than a foot massage. However, when you don't have the time (or the money) to treat yourself every week at your local day spa, a circulation booster can offer the same benefits at a third of the price.

Your foot has 38 bones, many tendons and ligaments, and is responsible for your ability to stand, walk, jog and run. As they quite literally carry our weight, they are sometimes taken for granted and neglected when it comes to taking care of them. If your feet are in pain, you should invest in a foot circulation booster.

Who can use a circulation booster?

Anyone suffering from symptoms of poor circulation, such as numbness, tingling and aches, and decreased blood flow in the foot area can benefit from a circulation machine. This at-home remedy can help to ease these conditions and provide instant relief. Those who suffer from diabetes can also benefit from a circulation booster, as well as chronic headache, neck and shouler sufferers.

How does a circulation booster work?

A circulation booster is a unique and revolutionary way to treat feet and leg health problems. Based on ancient Chinese reflexology practices that believe acupuncture points on the soles of your feet reflect your internal organs, the machines offer vibration therapy in order to stimulate the nerves in the bottoms of the feet. Air-bubble action with heated water jets also acts as a circulation booster.

You only need to use a circulation booster machine for as little as 20 minutes a day to feel the difference it can make to your health and wellbeing. Watch television or read a book while the relaxing impulses soothe your feet and legs. Buy a circulation booster online from eBay at prices you won't find in store. Give your feet the TLC they deserve, and treat yourself topedicure bath suppliesandmassage equipment.

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