Ford Collector Cars (1940-1970)

Ford Collector Cars (1940-1970)

As anyone with a passion for Ford vehicles knows, this iconic brand has rolled out numerous models that have since become vintage cars and collectors items since the initial Model T was released over a hundred years ago. Especially during the four decades of the 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s, its hard to imagine what roads would have looked like without Ford cars, coupes, trucks and utilities on the move.

Which Ford Models Introduced In Each Decade?

There are a number of familiar names among the Ford classic cars from the 1940s-1970s. Production of many of the models introduced in each decade carried over into the next, and/or still update and release. Some of these include:

  • The 1940s: During the early years of this decade Fords production lines were utilised to make military vehicles. Fords classic F-Series pickup trucks began production in the late 1940s. An aerodynamically shaped Ford Custom V8 car followed in 1949. Ford Anglia, Ford Prefects and Ford Woodies also began their journey in this period.
  • The 1950s: The Ford Ranchero, aligned with the body of a good old Aussie "ute" began in 1957. The 1950s also introduced the first Ford Zephyr, Ford Fairlane, Ford Popular, Ford Victoria and the legendary soft top two-door The Thunderbird (aka T-bird).
  • The 1960s-1970s u001a The 1960s brought the first Ford Mustang, the Ford Transit Van, Ford GT40s raced at Le Mans and the first Ford Falcon, Ford Cortina, Ford Escorts, Ford Fairmont, and Ford Capri were born. In the 1970s models included the Ford Pinto, Ford Torino and Ford Fiesta.

Which Models Were Popular?

Models from each decade are favourites for collectors and restorers. In particular, two models with beginnings in the sixties are among the popular Ford collector cars:

  • Ford Mustang: Since its introduction in the 1960s, Fords production lines have continued to release two-door Mustang coupes, convertibles, hatchbacks and fastbacks. These sporty designs have been one of Fords most popular for new models and as collectable Mustang cars by enthusiasts.
  • Ford Falcon: The Falcons produced in Australia by Ford from the 1960s were adapted to suit the Aussie environment. The durability of Ford Falcon sedans, panel vans, wagons, coupes, and utilities have toughed it out on Aussie roads since then.