Ford Collector Cars

Ford Collector Cars

Ford is one of the worlds largest automotive brands and with a history dating back over 100 years its no surprise that the American manufacturer has many cars that went on to become collectors items. Fords and other classic cars are favourites among antique and vintage car collectors, people who want a project to work on, and those who are nostalgic about cars they might have owned when they were younger. There are famous models like the Mustang and Ford Falcon available from eBay sellers and they come in varying conditions from original showroom quality to those that need a bit of extra work.

What Year Are The Cars From?

Ford collector cars come from all eras and in varying conditions depending on how well theyve been cared for. When looking for a vintage Ford, they usually categorise into different eras, including:

  • Pre 1940: Ford founded in 1903 and cars from this period and up to 1940 are some of the rarest around.
  • 1940 - 1970: This was a hugely popular era for Ford cars with such greats as the Mustang, Ranchero, and Falcon first releasing during this period.
  • Post 1970: Newer models of these classic cars are still collectors items with the label usually meaning anything older than 15 years old.

What Famous Models of Ford Cars Are There?

When people are shopping for vintage Fords they are usually interested in one model only and set their sights on getting one. Ford made many world famous vehicles in its time, and these are some that collectors find most valuable:

  • Falcon: This Australian Ford model is still a popular choice today but is especially common among collectors.
  • Mustang: The Ford Mustang was first built in 1962 and is an American vehicle.
  • Thunderbird: Spanning over 11 model generations, the very first Thunderbird came out of America in 1955.
  • Shelby 427 Cobra: The famous Shelby Cobra roadster came off the lines in the UK and US in 1962 and featured a massive V8 engine.
  • Fairlane: Another Australian classic, the Ford Fairlane released in 1959 and remains a popular collector car.