Ford Diecast Cars

Toy cars are not just for children to play with. Adults can find lots of pleasure in collecting them, as it is much easier to collect small model cars than the real ones. This way, you could have the Ford Mustang that you always dreamt of, or ten of them if you wished. If you decide to start collecting diecast racing cars or any other toy cars, you need to consider quite a few features like the scale of the cars, models, condition and accessories.


The scale of the car describes its size and is relative to the car's real size. One of the smallest scales, the 1:64 is also the most common and readily available. This scale indicates that the car dimensions are one sixty-fourth of its actual size. The larger the second number in the scale, the smaller the vehicle. For instance, 1:18 diecast cars are much bigger as they are an eighteenth of the real size. If you want to start a serious collection, you should probably pick one scale that you like and collect cars in this scale for a uniform look.


You could buy your Ford diecast car either brand new or find a used car from some other collector's collection. Usually, when the car comes from a dedicated collector, it is in a good shape, sometimes it has even not left the original package. If you want to keep the model in good condition, keep it away from direct sunlight and children. High shelves or glass display cases with locks are a great way for showing them.

Models and Colours

The world of Ford models is vast and not restricted to the famous model T. You can find street cars, Ford diecast racing cars, and novelty models. You could choose to collect only one type or collect them all. The colours are many and varied as well. You can collect black, red, green, or blue Ford diecast vehicles, among others. If you wish, you could limit your collection to one colour only, or buy exclusively models only in those colours that the real cars have.


As a diecast car fan, you could truly uplift your collection by using some fancy accessories. Use a special display case to highlight your most valuable possessions. Cases with lights are the best option, allowing you to create a real museum at your home. If you have many toy cars, you could also use road tape that adds some friction, keeping the cars in place, and looks great. If you have lots of space, you can set up plastic tracks for the cars. You could further enhance your display with garage gear in the same scale as your cars, creating a unique display.