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Ford Falcon XE

Ford Falcon XE

The Ford Falcon XE is an older generation of Australian-made Ford vehicles that was manufactured between 1982 and 1984. Despite its age, Ford Falcon XE models remain reliable, durable and eye-catching vehicles. The XE lineup includes four different body styles: station wagon, a sedan, a couple utility and a van. Since the XE series was discontinued, Ford has continued to design and manufacture other Ford Falcon sedan cars.


With a variety of different body classes, and matching powertrains, you can choose a Ford Falcon that corresponds with your vehicle requirements. If you’re looking for an eye-catching powertrain in your garage, take advantage of the inline six cylinder 3.3 L to 4.1 L XE-series engine design. Built on NASCAR designs, these engines still stand on their own in terms of power output and variable valve cycling.

Range of Performance Options

You can cater your Ford Falcon XE to your performance requirements. If you wish to drive your vehicle, you can be confident that Ford Falcon XE models with EFI 4.1 L electronic fuel injected engines, in both automatic and manual transmission, will deliver throaty performance and satisfying power output. Alternatively, if you’re looking for expansive passenger and cargo space, check out Falcon XE models from the van or station wagon line-ups.

Luxury Options

Take advantage of plush leather seating and rich interior design choices with the Ford Fairmont XE, an XE model that maximises luxury features. Enjoy premium lifter packages, a rich hi-fi stereo system, and distinctive indicator and tail light lenses.

Sporting Capabilities

Make use of the Ford Falcon XE’s V6 and V8 capabilities and experience firsthand the sporting capabilities of XE Falcon sedans. With responsive reliable acceleration and four-link suspension, your Falcon XE will excel when it comes to vintage motor sports. In fact, a first-place competitor in the 1984 AMSCAR Series even drove one to win.