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Everyday luxury with a Ford LTD

The Ford LTD has a certain look, a certain design, a certain feel to the drive that gives off a luxury vibe. If you are browsing for cars on eBay, the Ford LTD ticks all the boxes. Its sleek and stylish whilst also being eminently comfortable and a gorgeous machine to drive.

An interior you can truly enjoy

The Ford LTD is the kind of vehicle that can happily be taken on long journeys. A long wheelbase gives this car all the legroom that could be needed, and the rest of the interior is handsome thanks to the leather trim, trip computer, and even the dual zone climate control that is found in some later models. The boot is big too, so shopping or taking the kids and their bags of sports equipment to and from clubs and tournaments shouldnt be a problem. Big families can often be railroaded into buying an SUV just to get the right amount of space, but the Ford LTD gives you a bit more choice, and if you prefer a sedan type car, its here for you.

An engine thats going places

With a high tech 5.4 litre V8 under the bonnet, there is no denying that the Ford LTD is one powerful car. Starting acceleration is close to perfection, having you off the grid in moments, but as well as speed the LTD is responsive and smooth. You might be propelled around corners in this car, but youre always in control. The comprehensive four-speed automatic transmission is a great touch if you dont want a manual, this is where Ford really comes into its own. The manual version still gives you a great ride, though, and you wont lose functionality, power, or precision no matter which road you decide to go down. There are also plenty of spare parts available to keep your LTD going for years to come.

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