Ford Territory Cars

Time for a road trip with the Ford Territory

The right car makes handling the chaos of family life a lot easier for exhausted parents, by delivering the comfort, efficiency, and support you need to explore the roads of Australia. While your two-seater Ford ute might be handy for shifting your work gear from A to B, the Ford Territory does it all and fits the kids in the back too. The Ford Territory is one of the most popular family cars in Australia, thanks to its impressive range of optional features, affordable price, and plenty of additional cargo space.

A bold and beautiful crossover SUV, the Ford Territory was designed right here in Australia, which means that its packed full of everything you need to make the most out of the unpredictable Aussie traffic. Here, youre sure to find the award-winning Territory ideal for your family.

Reliable driving with RWD

Available in a diesel design for fuel efficiency, the Ford Territory comes in a range of styles depending on the year and model you choose. Most are equipped with rear-wheel drive, to give families more comfort and confidence on the road, and ensure that you have all the power you need behind the wheel.

The Ford Territory RWD SUV can also come with a petrol engine for those who prefer classic models. Whether youre looking for an AWD New Ford Territory, or an upgraded Territory Titanium with a Turbo Diesel Engine, youre sure to find a driving experience that both you and your family will love right here on eBay.

A drive as dependable as you are

Besides their eye-catching design, Ford Territory SUVs are created for practicality and performance. With 7-seater cabins intended to keep the whole family comfortable, 6-speed transmissions, and unique all-wheel driving specs, theres plenty to love about modern Ford cars.

Whether youve always wanted a family vehicle that can tackle the challenges of off-road driving, like a TX wagon, or youre looking for an audio system for your new Ford Territory, take a trip through Ford vehicles on eBay for your ultimate motoring experience.