Ford Trucks and Commercial Vehicles

Ford has been a leader in large cars and trucks since their founding as one of the world’s first automobile companies. They have produced dozens of different trucks and commercial vehicles, ranging from small, light, two-seat trucks to oversized commercial trucks capable of towing thousands of kilogrammes. When looking at Ford Trucks and Commercial Vehicles, considering the transmission type and fuel type is imperative to finding the right truck for you.

Ford Trucks

Ford Trucks have a reputation for being some of the most reliable and dependable trucks on the road. Their engines, chassis and transmissions can sometimes last for hundreds of thousands of miles. Furthermore, the mass-produced nature of Ford vehicles means that parts are widely available for cheap, and many individuals and mechanics are experienced in repairing Fords. Finally, you might consider a Ford Truck for their ability to tow other objects or carry oversized loads on their truck beds. The reliability, accessibility, and capability of Ford Trucks are you may consider purchasing one.

Automatic or Manual Transmission

When considering a Ford Truck or Commercial Vehicle, you have two transmission options: automatic and manual. If you are experienced in the art of using a manual transmission, then you may prefer manual Ford trucks and commercial vehicles. Many automatic options are available as well and newer models often feature modes to manually select your gears, include low or overdrive—something necessary for towing heavy loads up or down hills. If you can drive a standard, then the transmission is up to your personal preference, and if you drive automatic, there are still plenty of options.

Fuel Economy

Ford Trucks and Commercial Vehicles also come with two choices of fuel: diesel or petrol. Ford diesel trucks and commercial vehicles often produce more torque then is required for towing heavy loads, and the smaller diesel trucks can get better fuel economy. In larger commercial vehicles, diesel is very common for the towing capabilities it provides. In regular sized modern trucks there is often an option between diesel and petrol, which comes down to your personal preference. If you have the option between the two, consider the fuel economy and power figures (Horsepower, Torque) to help you make a decision between diesel and petrol.

Other Ford Vehicles

Ford has a range of selection of other vehicles ranging from small city cars like the Fiesta to mid-size sedans like the Fusion and top-of-the-line sports cars like the Focus RS and Mustang. If you find that towing and hauling are not your priorities in a new car, then it is worth your time to check out their lineup of other vehicles.