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The Ute, the workhorse of Australia

The Ford Ute range is famous across Australia (and the world) for being the ultimate workhorse of a vehicle. With its sturdy design, its tough engine, and its ability to carry heavy loads, its the ideal vehicle for contractors and tradesmen and women across the country. The Ute is used because it can go for miles on one tank of fuel, because if (and its a big if) it breaks down its pretty simple to fix, and because when it comes to value for money, there isnt much better than a Ford Ute.

More than work

The Ford Falcon Ute is more than just something that is used for work, though. It can be a family car, something that will take you and your loved ones on exciting journeys into the unknown, on unforgettable family vacations, or just down to the supermarket to do your weekly grocery shopping. This can be the vehicle that you throw your sports equipment in, or your fishing gear, or your bikes.

In short, its a practical and comfortable car that wont disappoint. This Ford car has seen many incarnations over the years, with models appearing way back in the 60s. Each generation has seen subtle changes, both in terms of the outer body and the inner workings. Over time it has become more economical and comfortable, with air conditioning units and the like. It seems the Falcon has always been pleasing drivers.

Best of both worlds

If youre looking for a vehicle that will suit your business and your personal life, look no further than the Ford Ute. Dont forget that ‘Ute means utility, the clues right there in the name, so if you want the best of both worlds, youve got it. Strong, reliable, longevity that outdoes any nearby competitors, and of course a look that you can be proud of, the Ute is a car that offers you everything you need and then some.

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