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Make a speedy recovery with forearm crutches

If you have mobility issues or you're inflicted with a leg injury and need something to aid your walking; forearm crutches can help you take significant steps to recovery. Gain more independence and confidence, when you have a crutch to take the strain. There are all sorts of styles and sizes available on eBay.


When it comes to regaining full control and movement of your legs after an injury; many physio practitioners recommend using a pair of ergonomic underarm crutches to aid recovery. FDI Medical offer ultra lightweight padded crutches to cushion the forearms and elbow. You can adjust the height to suit you with 14 steps set at 25mm intervals. Plus, the crutches are made from high-quality aluminium, which gives you maximum strength every time you use them.

Shock absorber

If you're looking to minimise stress on your limbs during recovery from a leg injury, shock absorbent underarm crutches may be the answer. Ergobaum crutches marry top quality craftsmanship with optimum safety, and comfort, to ensure you get the best aid during your recuperation. The spring-loaded patented technology means your body is protected against shock, no matter what surface you're walking on. Crutches with shock absorbing features are particularly suited for people who have bariatric conditions.


If you're using crutches on uneven surfaces or in icy or snowy conditions, it makes sense to invest in some ferrules. A ferrule is a clever little rubber foot for the end of each crutch and it can help ensure you get from A to B without any slips or trips. Bearmore offers a 4 pack of heavy duty black rubber ferrules with nifty metal inserts, which improve the longevity of the product. They're so easy to install, all you need do is place one on the end of your crutch, put your hand in the cuff and press down with your body weight. Ferrules give peace of mind to those new to crutches or those wishing to be a bit more adventurous, when out and about.