Foredom rotary tools for DIY and professional use

The Foredom line of rotary tools is the professional-grade answer to the more familiar hobbyists tool. They are built to industrial specifications and are the craftsmans tool of choice for polishing, engraving, stone setting, carving, de-burring, and grinding on a variety of different materials.

Foredom rotary tools are distinguished by their design, including a large, hanging motor connected to a variety of handpieces by a flexible driveline, the Foredom Flex Shaft, or Flexshaft. These power tools are intended to be bench mounted and are not truly portable. As theyre entirely modular, you can purchase them as full sets or component by component.

Foredom Flex Shaft Motors

The beating heart of the Foredom rotary tool is the high-speed motor and Flexshaft unit. These can be purchased separately, and are compatible with any Foredom Flex Shaft handpieces, hangars, and speed controls.

Foredom micromotor kits

Smaller, more portable motors for a variety of light tasks, many of these are powered by high capacity Lithium-ion batteries. Foredo micromotor kits are available in both brush and brushless models.

Foredom Flex Shaft handpieces

Foredom markets a wide range of specialised handpieces for particular jobs or industries. Make sure before ordering that you know whether you need a standard key tip compatible handpiece or one that accepts slip joint or square drive shafting.

Foredom Flex Shaft speed controls

Replacement or upgraded speed controls are available for most Foredom Flex Shaft motors. Make sure you know whether you are looking for a foot-activated or dial-based speed control before bidding.

Foredom right angle attachments for grinding and sanding

Some tasks require the tool to rotate at a 90 degree angle to the handpiece. For a role like this, youll need a right angle attachment. Discover a range of rotary tool accessories to fully customise your work.