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When searching for either of these machines, you have to consider the work that needs to be done. How large is the area that you are using them in? Having a bigger machine might prove to be difficult to move around in smaller areas, while larger ones can easily get larger jobs done quickly. The load capacity is going to make a difference on the weight of the items you will be carrying around with it. Choose from those that carry 4,000 pounds or less. There are even options that hold 8,000 pounds or more. Add on lift extensions if the item is too large to carry around.

Take the time to look through the many forklifts and telehandlers offered here on eBay. If you need even more to finish those jobs or others that are coming up, search through other machines and equipment that eBay offers like commercial bulldozers or excavators. All of these options may be needed on the job site and all can be found for great prices right here.