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Fossil watch bands

The easiest way to personalize your watch is with interchangeable bands. You can change up your watch band every day if you wanted to so it can match your activities and even your outfit for the day. There are a large variety of fossil watch bands available for men and women. From classic black and sleek white to punchy orange and furious fuschia - you are bound to find something you want.


The bands are made from various materials which are ideal as they can be changed out for various occasions.

Leather - this is a great band to have on your watch for everyday purposes and even formal event. It is durable and sturdy but it always looks classic.

Silicone - these bands are ideal for those who find themselves in the gym, exercising and with quite high energy level. The silicone is ideal for these occasions as they are easy to clean with a quick wipe off and they don't soak up moisture and sweat that can build up under your watch band.

Stainless steel - stainless steel bands are great for everyday use and even a formal event or a special function. The sleek look of a stainless steel band is easy to clean, durable and always look good.


You not only have the option of colour, material and size but you have the choice of style. There are two main options bracelets and bands. If you use bands, these will give you a classic watch look. A bracelet can dress up your watch a little and of course make it more like a bracelet than a standard watch - this can be great for those who want their style to shine through a bit more.

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