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Here, you'll discover a treasure trove of antique Fowler pottery from Australia of which includes sought-after collectables, including stoneware jugs, ceramic antiques and more. Finding your perfect piece of Fowler ware has never been easier.

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Types of Fowler Pottery

Enoch Fowler was originally known for making ginger beer bottles and kitchenware. As he expanded his business, Fowler manufactured an enormous array of glazed earthenware domestic pottery like chocolate pots, teapots, jugs, banded kitchenware (Cornish ware), in blue and green, Toby jugs, vases as well as promotional pieces, all with a distinctive glaze. The company later moved into industrial fixtures.

About Fowler Australian Pottery

Launched in 1837, Fowler pottery is the oldest Australian pottery – and is still in production today. In 1837, the founder, Enoch Fowler, arrived in Sydney, NSW from Ireland and, using locally-sourced raw materials from the business he set up in Glebe, he produced domestic pottery as well as building materials such as tiles, pipes and chimney pots.

Towards the end of the 1850s, Enoch Fowler bought five acres at Camperdown, the site bordering Parramatta Road and encircled by Australia Street. The business grew from 25 employees in 1865 to 104 by 1908. During the year of 1865, when the company was at Parramatta Road, he changed his focus to mass-produced drainpipes, fired bricks, tiles, chimney pots and other kinds of pottery. Robert Fowler took over when his father died.

By the 19th and early 20th century, the company thrived. Fowler pudding bowls were so popular that, in 1927, they had to open a second factory to handle the demand in Thomastown, a suburb of Melbourne. In fact, the business is still very much active, now owned by Caroma Industries Ltd, with manufacture limited to sanitary fixtures.

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