Indulge your MX fix with Fox Racing

Fox Racing or Fox Head, Inc. is a lifestyle clothing brand which specialises in extreme sports gear, especially for motocross, mountain biking and off-roading. Primarily known for their motocross gear, the company was founded in America in 1974. It is still run by founder Peter Fox and his children, but is wholly owned by Altamont Capital Partners, a private equity firm.

Since adopting the name Fox Head in 2006, the company has sought to expand into more venues than Motocross, coming out with clothing lines focusing on mountain biking wakeboarding, surfing and more. Even more prominent, is their line of casual clothing, t-shirts, tank tops and crew necks, which can all be found here on eBay.

Fox Head motocross gear

Fox Racing gear is more than just a fashion brand. It has a long history of being closely associated with Motocross, and has worked with famed riders like Steve Lamson, Jeremy McGrath, Doug Henry, Mark Barnett, Rick Johnson, Damon Bradshaw, Ricky Carmichael, to name but a few. It has been at the forefront of research, and development, for practical riding clothing, such as pants and boots. Safety gear is used to support its riders, emphasising both protection, and freedom of movement. Prominent Fox Head clothing lines include Flexair, Dirtpaw, Flexfit, Draftr and Mastar.

Fox Racing protective gear

Fox racing manufactures a wide range of motocross and mountain biking protective gear, including body armour, armoured jackets, gloves, and boots, their Sayak line of helmets, and their Airspc goggles.

Fox Racing Shox

Fox Head, Inc. is not the same company that produced the iconic Fox Racing Shox in the early 70s, but is closely related. Fox Racing shox was founded by Peter Fox's brother Bob Fox as part of Moto-X Fox, originally headed up by Geoff Fox, but split off to become Fox Factory, Inc. in 1978. Fox Head Inc. at one time did develop and build racing engines for Yamaha, as well.