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Foxtel TV Remote Controls

Meant to match up with Foxtel set top boxes, Foxtel TV remote controls put the power in your hands. Use your remote to control the volume, change channels, programme your box, or access movies with the simple press of a button. Purchase the right remote for your box and don't miss one second of your favourite show.

Under Control

Foxtel remotes offer many features. Not only can you perform basic controls with these high-tech changers, but you can also set programmes to record, pause live television, access your list of recorded shows, and rewind live television in case you missed something. The ergonomic design makes it easy to hold these TV remotes, and the remotes require no setup instructions; they are ready to use right out of the box for added convenience.

We're Compatible

The most important thing to remember when purchasing Foxtel television accessories, such as remotes, is to ensure the remote is compatible with your Foxtel set top box. For instance, the iQ2 remote works with iQ and iQ2 boxes, while the Mystar remote is compatible with Mystar and Mystar 2 options. Choose an iQ3 remote if your box is an iQ3 option, or if you need a remote with larger buttons and bigger text, search for an Easymote, a popular option for senior citizens. The Foxtel Minimote allows kids to access children's channels using their own small remote.

Show Your Colours

If you're obsessed with AFL football and want to show your sport some love, Foxtel makes AFL remotes to match up with all 18 teams in the league. These custom remotes are colourful and depict each team in all its glory, creating a fun remote that's a great gift for any sports fan. The remotes have the same buttons as the other Foxtel options and perform the same functions. The only difference is they come in team colours.

Universal Love

Avoid the hassle of buying just the right remote when you opt for a universal remote. A universal remote works with all types of set top boxes, so you don't have to purchase the one that complements your specific box. These remotes may require you to enter a code in order to connect to your box properly.