The best of TV with Foxtel

Foxtel is one of Australia's best-known television programming providers, operating both a cable television provider, a direct broadcast satellite TV company, and digital content provision, as an IPTV catch-up service. It began in 1995 as a joint venture between Australia's News Corporation, and Telestra.

Since the early 2010s, Fox Sports programming, and content, especially on channels like Fox footy, have garnered huge numbers of viewers on Foxtel across Australia. Entertainment shows and video content such as HBO's Game of Thrones, as well as programming channels such as CBeebies, Fox8, and UKTV have been key draws to the service.

Foxtel App

Foxtel programming is available on-demand through the Foxtel App, formerly Foxtel Go. Originally available only on iPad, the app can now be used on a wide variety of platforms including Windows, and Android-based devices.

Foxtel-compatible remotes

There is a wide range of Foxtel OEM, and Foxtel compatible remote controls available on the used market. Especially as many of the newer services are dependent on the expanded remotes used by both Australia's Foxtel, and the UK's Sky service, genuine replacement remotes are in high demand.

Foxtel Now

Foxtel Now, once called Foxtel Play, is an internet-supplied alternative to the cable, or satellite-fed Foxtel set top box. This is a subscription service, offering 50+ live video channels as well as an extensive video-on-demand service. It now supports both HD streaming, and Google's Chromecast.

Foxtel cables signal amplifiers and accessories

There are also quite a few types of Foxtel compatible installation, and enhancement equipment available today. Often purchasing these accessories on the used, or online markets, is far less expensive than purchasing them directly from Foxtel, especially if the aim is to install the equipment yourself. Be sure to check compatibility before ordering any equipment.