Fragrances for Men

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Men's Fragrances

Men's fragrances are a great way to ensure that you smell fresh and clean all day long. You can also use a fragrance to give yourself a signature scent that is recognizable to others. There are many different types of men’s fragrances available, each with its own use and unique scent profiles. With so many to choose from, you can find a fragrance that suits your personality.

Men’s Perfumes

Men's perfumes feature high concentrations of fragrance oils, which means they have very potent scents. This also means that you only need a very small amount to create a strong scent for yourself. One application can last upwards of eight hours. Many men’s perfumes feature spicy or earthy tones.

Men’s Eau de Toilettes

Eau de toilettes feature lower concentrations of fragrance oils than men's perfumes, combined with a higher percentage of alcohol. This means that the scents are lighter, and you can apply more at once. The eau de toilette smells typically last anywhere between two and six hours, depending on the specific formula and how much you apply. This type of fragrance is ideal for everyday wear or for freshening up after the gym.

Men’s Eau de Colognes

Men’s eau de cologne products are one of the most common types of men’s fragrances. They feature slightly less fragrance oil than eau de toilettes. These scents are light and vibrant, and many feature notes of citrus. Eau de colognes often come in spray bottles, but they are also available in solid forms.

Men’s Aftershave

Men’s aftershave is a type of fragrance that you apply to the face and neck right after shaving. It helps keep the skin smooth, as well as provides a pleasant smell. Aftershave features a high alcohol content, and there are floral as well as musk varieties available.