Framed Decorative Posters and Prints

Enliven your living spaces with framed wall art such as posters and prints. These home decor items are available in a range of styles and mediums to grab the attention of everyone who enters your home or office.

Framed Decorative Posters and Prints Styles

An abstract design exploding in colour can become the focal point of a room. Abstracts are available as canvas prints, posters and art made from fabric, glass and wood. Modern and minimalist designs may be simple images of animals or black and white portrayals of geometric shapes. Furthermore, a vintage-retro framed print of a 1960’s portrait of The Beatles would appeal to someone living in a mid-century modern home.

Framed Decorative Posters and Prints Types

Offset lithographs, copied and printed from an original painting or drawing, are available in scenes such as sailboats, people and other subjects. Most lithographs are printed on canvas and paper. Additionally, youll find Giclee and Iris prints printed on inkjet printers in 300 dpi resolutions on acid-free paper. Manufacturers of Giclee prints use pigment rather than dye inks that preserve the digital images for 100-200 years.