Frederique Constant, constantly good

Frederique Constant has a history dating back to 1988 and since their creation, they have made many quality Swiss watches for men and women. The brand has made a number of automatic watches and quartz powered wristwatches. Their designs range from simple watch faces, to chronograph watches with stainless steel link straps, to elegant, genuine leather watch straps. Many have gone on to become classics in their own right.

The Horological smartwatch

The horological clockwork smartwatch is a unique design, available in men's and women's versions. Though it has classic mechanical hands, it offers many of the core smartwatch functions, including step tracking, calorie calculator, distance moved, and comparison to set goals.

This is truly a slimline smartwatch, as it connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth, and the mechanical elements even set themselves automatically to the time derived from your phone.

The Slimline Moonphase

Available in 21 separate models incorporating a variety of bezels, materials, and bands, the Slimline Moonphase displays the time and date as many fine horological timepieces do, but in addition, it features a dial displaying the phase of the moon, in much the way the ornate grandfather clocks of yore did. Frederique Constant men's watches don't get much fancier than this.

The brand

The Constant collection is as diverse as any well-known brand of watchmaker. The Frederique name speaks quality and the way the brand manufacture their watches ensure they will last. From wristwatches that have multiple moving parts that require winding, to automatic watches wound by movement, to quartz watches that will require batteries.

There are many colourings available, such as stainless steel, yellow gold, and rose gold. The strap designs can range from chunky metal links to elegant slimline bracelets. Round or square faces, there are Constant classics to suit any taste and compliment any outfit. Whether you are buying for yourself, as a gift, or are a collector, a Frederique Constant watch is a wise investment.