French Door Refrigerators

French Door Refrigerators

If you are looking for a fridge with freezer that is spacious enough for a large family and offers you easy access to its contents, a French door refrigerator is a suitable choice. With this type of appliance, you get a side by side top fridge and a bottom freezer, which means that you will be eye-level with most of the fresh foods shelves and crisper drawers.

French Door Fridge Size and Capacity

When choosing a French door fridge, consider your food-buying habits. This kind of appliance is perfect if you tend to buy more fresh food than frozen. Next, measure the space you have available in your kitchen, making sure you allow for proper airflow around the fridge after installation.

French Door Refrigerator Organisation

The interior of French door refrigerators differs from one model to another, so its important to look for features you actually use. Its always a good idea to go for organisation aids and smart compartments when possible, as these help you keep the food fresh while allowing you to find what you need immediately. Most French door fridges come with adjustable glass shelves that let you customise the space, while others also feature one or more pantry drawers to create a distinct temperature zone for snacks and food thats ready to serve. Other extra features to consider include oversize door bins to store large bottles of milk, soda and juice easily as well as humidity-control drawers to keep your fruit and vegetables fresh.

French Door Refrigerator Features

Besides organisation, French door refrigerator come with other features that may come in handy, such as in-door ice storage that frees up space in the freezer, and programmable control pads that let you lock the ice and water dispenser and set the ideal temperature inside the fridge and freezer compartments with a push of a button.