French Notes

Pay homage to your favourite country with some French notes for your collection

It would be easy to forget about Frances own currency before the introduction of the Euro in 2002. On eBay you will see banknotes that will remind us of how the French printed highly decorative and collectible notes before the changeover, letting you add some seriously beautiful designs into your collection

Commemorative French notes

In 1940 a note featuring Jacques Coeur was issued, he was a French merchant and one of the founders of the trade between France and the Eastern Mediterranean.This note was withdrawn from circulation in 1942 but is a must-have for your portrait collection.

One of the later notes to go into circulation while the franc was still legal tender was the 1997 20 Franc note celebrating the life of the composer Claude Debussy. Keep your eyes open for this beauty on eBay, as its a stunning piece of artwork worthy of framing as a part of your collection.

If youre looking for something to add some serious style to your collection, go for a 25kt gold 20 franc note, a truly striking European note.

People of importance

Some of the most beautiful notes printed by the Bank De France were between 1933 and 1958. These notes feature the most important leaders in their fields, including politics, industry, science, etc. as well as the most beautiful figurative illustrations and landscapes of the rolling French countryside.

In memory

Often events will occur that invite a limited edition note to be printed. They are usually specifically for collectors as they arent legal tender. In 2015, the 50 franc note was issued in memory of the victims of the Paris attack, at a run of only 500 pieces its well worth adding to your collection of French notes. As a collector, its good to keep your options open and snap up the rare notes when you get the chance.