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Front Load Washing Machine

Front load washing machines provide many advantages over top-loaded models, which could damage your clothes due to snagging, stretching, and tangling. As a general rule, the front loaders are also more energy-efficient and consume less water than top loaders. In terms of time, the front loaders are a bit slower, but as they spin faster, they extract more water and thus reduce dryer time.


The capacity you require depends on the amount of clothes you wash regularly. The more laundry it accommodates, the larger the machine, too, with the commercial capacity front load washers being the largest. When measuring the space for your machine, you also need to consider whether there is space to open the machine door or generally move around. Before purchasing, measure the corridors leading to the laundry as well, because it does have to fit through them. You measure the machine capacity with the weight of laundry it can take in. For a smaller household consisting of up to two people, a machine with the capacity of up to 5.5 kg will do, while a family of 3-4 people needs a machine with the capacity of 5.5-8 kg, and more than four people are best off with a large-capacity front load washing machine that handles more than 8 kg of laundry.


Washing machine programs are some of the most important features to look out for. You do not need too many programs, as they may confuse you, but you need a handful for performing different tasks. Parents benefit from Baby programs, while people with allergies enjoy some alleviation from Anti-Allergy programs, but not everyone needs those. Useful programs to choose include Wool, Heavy, Quick, and Delicate. Some machines are even so intelligent that they use special sensors that detect the weight of the load as well as how dirty they are and how long a cycle they need.


Fast spin speed is important if you do not have a dryer and you need your clothes to dry quickly. The faster the machine spins, the more water it extracts from the clothes. Note that these high speeds are not available in all wash cycles. For instance, the delicate cycle automatically reduces the speed to not damage the laundry. When time is of an essence, consider the cycle durations and opt for a machine that has a quick wash cycle included. Do consider a machine with a timer if you want to take an advantage of off-peak electricity rates and start your machine at night.

Energy and Water Ratings

You should take a closer look at water and energy ratings if you want a machine that does not come with huge utility bills. While more efficient machines cost more upfront, they do make it up in long term. Energy ratings are expressed in stars, and the larger number of stars refers to a more efficient machine. The same goes for water ratings: look for extra stars if you want to boost the efficiency.

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