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Get Better Mileage With The HiLux Long Range Fuel Tank

Realising you need to replace the fuel tank on your Toyota HiLux means it hasn't been a good day. Did you get a little reckless on your latest 4x4WD expedition? Having a large rock or tree stump come up out of nowhere and pierce the fuel tank of your Toyota HiLux while out exploring the great outdoors can be a little frustrating. You will find several fuel tanks available for you to select from on eBay and parts and accessories like fuel tank gauges, fuel filler neck pipes, fuel tank filler flap release cables or fuel caps.  

Toyota HiLux long-range fuel tank

A Toyota HiLux long-range fuel tank will increase your driving range. Standard tanks have an 80-litre capacity, but you can upgrade to a 150-litre tank to expand your payload even further. A trained mechanic can install a long-range tank developed specifically for your car.

The HiLux long-range fuel tank is designed to fit underneath your vehicle, so you don't need to change any of the parts in the car. Instead, the tank is installed between the axels. While the tank's height is the same as the standard tank, the size is increased to accommodate its 150-litre capacity. That means you'll be able to travel longer distances without worrying about running out of fuel. Remember,

  • Two main types of tanks are available on the market: traditional steel tanks that can carry petrol or diesel and the modern polyethylene/plastic tanks. Polyethylene/plastic tanks can be used for diesel fuel, but not petrol.
  • Steel is also heavier, depending on how big the tank is. Steel can withstand more punishment than plastic before problems occur. Moulded tanks are vehicle-specific, so modifications can't be made. Steel allows for customisation if necessary.
  • While all steel tanks have drain plugs, some polyethylene/plastic tanks do not have one. It is essential if you have the wrong fuel or an unreliable batch of fuel in your tank.
  • A second difference is that steel tanks have baffles, but some plastic tanks don't. Baffles prevent fuel from sloshing side to side, which could cause problems with weight transference and affect the vehicle's handling.

Shop for HiLux roof racks and HiLux floor mats while you’re here, or any other accessories you might need. When shopping for your Toyota HiLux long-range fuel tank, the best place to start is to enter your vehicle's information at the top of the listings page using the blue button. Doing this ensures you are shopping for fuel tanks that will fit your model HiLux. Pay using Afterpay with eligible sellers, allowing you to purchase now and pay over 4 payments.