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Fujifilm Camera Lenses

Fujifilm Camera Lens

If you are looking to expand your camera kit and develop your photography skills, you can find a full range of camera lenses for your Fujifilm digital cameras and film cameras. Lenses add more versatility to your camera and enable you to create new effects you otherwise would not be able to use. The lenses allow you to capture new scenes like catching an object in motion or a wide angle scenic shot or cityscape.

Materials And Features

Depending on the type of lens you wish to purchase you will get different features to suit the lens. Some lens are WR (weather resistant), XF (suitable for use with 35mm film cameras), or equipped with a linear motor (LM). The lenses built for the new digital cameras include OIS or optical image stabilisation which produces crisp and clear images.

Types Of Lens

You can choose from a macro, wide angle, telephoto or standard lens depending on your requirements. The different camera lenses have varying uses and produce different images from one another. The macro or close up lenses can be used to capture images of small objects in great detail or create stunning portrait shots. Wide angle lenses allow you to capture more of a scene and some can produce a u001afish eye effect. Standard lenses have a variety of uses and effects depending on the model you select and the telephoto lens will help you capture images of objects that are far away. The differing focal lengths of the Fujifilm lenses allow these effects to be produced.

Build To Work With Your Camera

All the Fujifilm lenses are built to work seamlessly with your camera and complement the high quality of these cameras. The Fujifilm XF line are made to work with film cameras so you can even find something for your older models.

Focal Length Shopping

You can easily find a lenses in the focal length you need for your Fujifilm camera. Most standard camera lenses are 18mm - 55mm and you can expand on this basic lens with a 50mm lens for taking more creative photos with artistic effects or any focal length you require.