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Fujifilm Film Photography

Fujifilm Corporation, which was formerly Fuji Photo Film is an imaging solutions company providing top-notch photography equipment, optical devices, graphic systems, industrial products, recording media, and other supplies and services. Fujifilm believes that film has an expressive richness, which maintains the loyalty of various innovative photographers even though the world has gone digital.

Fujifilm Films

When you need to make prints, you can choose from Fujifilm’s plethora of colour negative films, and if you wish to make transparencies or slides, you also have a wide selection of reversal films to choose from. Colour negatives are often used by professional portrait photographers, and the Fujicolor Pro Series films are great for photographers with 35mm lenses. The Fujicolor Superia ISO 200 film works great in sunny conditions or with flash, the ISO 400 is great for action shots or low-light conditions and the ISO 800 is great for fast-paced sports action and stage photography where flash is not needed. The ISO 1600 works great when long zooms are being used and the lighting conditions are not the best. Reversal films, like the Fujichrome series, are used for landscape photography as well as for fashion and nature. These daylight photography films are available in four ISO types ranging from 50 to 400.

Fujifilm QuickSnap Cameras

Fujifilm offers two types of QuickSnap cameras. These are one time use cameras that are great for any occasion. The QuickSnap Superia camera is available with a flash and features a large viewfinder and blur-reducing shutter speeds. It has an ISO of 800. The QuickSnap Marine camera is waterproof up to 10 metres and is great for water sports photography.

Fujifilm Instax Cameras and Films

With the Fujifilm instant film cameras, you can go back to the convenience of the Polaroid era, but with the technology of the digital age. The Instax Square SQ10 for example is a hybrid camera that allows you to control and compose like a digital camera, but with the convenience of generating an instant square 86 x 72 mm print photo with a stylish Polaroid-like border. The camera itself is also square with a 62 x 62 mm screen size. Other Instax cameras include approximately half-dozen Instax Minis and an Instax Wide. You can get specific types of Instax camera films for each camera type.