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Fujifilm Instant Photographic Film

Fujifilm’s Instax range of cameras and films have brought interest and quality to the world of instant photography. Thanks to their advanced, instant camera film, photos that are taken with a Fujifilm Instax camera can now rival the quality of ordinary photos. The fact that their instant colour photography film is available in a range of different designs means that taking instant photographs can be even more fun.

High-Quality Images Instantly

Instant camera film from Fujifilm produces exceptionally high-quality photographs. The brilliant clarity and colour accuracy shows that taking instant photos is no longer just a novelty, it can also produce beautiful images that you can display proudly. FP-100C is a high-performance Instax film that has great results with various lighting levels and focus-depths. The extremely fine grain of this film makes it suitable for taking professional ID photographs.

Compatibility and Sizes

Fujifilm instant camera film comes in square, mini and wide-format sizes. The mini Instax film is compatible with all Fujifilm Mini Instax cameras and creates fun and versatile mini photographs which are an ideal fit for wallets, purses and keychains. The wide-format film breaks away from the traditional square-shaped instant photos, giving photographers the option to create stunning landscape-style images. This camera film is compatible with all wide-format Instax cameras. Fujifilm instant camera film can also be used to print photos directly from your smartphone using the Instax SHARE SP-2 wireless printer.

Available in Different Designs

There are three different design ranges of Instax camera film available, so you will never be short of inspiration when taking your next photo. The Simple range includes white, sky-blue, black and monochrome films. Black and white camera film like Fujifilm’s monochrome is perfect for taking retro-style photos, while the black film works well for scrap-booking purposes as the base colour acts as a ready-made frame. Instax camera owners also have the option of choosing from the manufacturer’s pattern or character camera film ranges, ideal for taking playful and creative photographs. Designs from these ranges include the colourful Candy Pop, striped and Dalmatian print films.