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Fujifilm X Series Cameras

Fujifilm X Series Cameras

The Fujifilm X Series is the Japanese manufacturers primary range of enthusiast and professional digital cameras. It contains a range of Fujifilm digital camera models to suit everyone from holiday snappers to seasoned pros.

What is the Fujifilm X Series?

The X Series is Fujifilms range of APS-C format mirrorless digital cameras. It is quite a diverse line but the cameras have some important features in common.

  • X Series digital cameras are mirrorless. Unlike DSLRs, they do not have a flip-up mirror between the sensor and the lens mount. This allows for smaller, lighter camera bodies at the expense of losing the DSLRs optical viewfinder.
  • Apart from some early models, Fujifilm X Series cameras feature APS-C format sensors, which are two-thirds the size of a standard full frame sensor. Most models contain Fujifilms own X-Trans sensor technology.
  • Interchangeable lens cameras in this series feature the Fujifilm X mount, making them compatible with a wide range of Fujifilm X mount lenses.
  • Fujifilm cameras in this series come with a range of Film Simulation profiles, allowing photographers to automatically process images in-camera to achieve a range of styles.

Which Fujifilm X Series Cameras Can I Choose From?

Fujifilm started selling X Series digital cameras in 2011 and the line has grown rapidly. There are several different X Series camera bodies to choose from, aimed at different types of photographer.

  • The X-A series is Fujifilms entry-level mirrorless range. Models like the X-A5 are designed for ease of use with features like flip-out selfie screens.
  • The X-E family is the intermediate range within the Fujifilm X series. Aimed at enthusiast photographers, these cameras feature electronic viewfinders for greater control over composition and exposure.
  • The X-T series is Fujifilms premier line of digital cameras. It contains flagship models like the X-T2 as well as scaled-down versions like the X-T20. Fujifilm also makes the similar X-H1, the first X Series camera to feature in-body image stabilisation.
  • The X-Pro cameras make up Fujifilms other premium line within the X series. Styled after classic rangefinder cameras, the X-Pro 1 and X-Pro 2 feature unique hybrid viewfinders that combine an optical viewfinder with the EVF found in other mirrorless cameras.
  • While most X Series cameras are interchangeable lens designs, the series also includes a few advanced APS-C format fixed lens cameras like the X100F.

Why Choose a Fujifilm X Series Camera?

While not everyone is convinced by mirrorless cameras, the Fujifilm X series offers some compelling reasons to ditch the DSLR.

  • The film simulation profiles make it easy to achieve characterful photographs without having to do your own processing.
  • Fujifilm makes a wide range of X-mount lenses to choose from, from versatile telephoto zoom lenses to large-aperture primes that produce professional portraits. The short focal flange distance of mirrorless cameras also makes it very easy to use them with vintage lenses.
  • The light weight of mirrorless cameras makes them a great option for travel. Fixed lens designs like the X100 are designed to fit into a jacket pocket and even the comparatively bulky X-T2 is still quite compact by professional camera standards.