Enjoy a safer, smoother ride with Fulcrum bicycle wheels and bicycle accessories on eBay! 

Fulcrum wheels are very popular both on new bikes and as separate components to replace old tyres. Made in Italy by component manufacturer, Campagnolo, the wheels are engineered to keep wheels stable by optimising aerodynamics for a smoother, faster ride. 

Fulcrum are constantly improving on their engineering specifications. New tubular tyres with full carbon rims can utilise 10% more power than previous models. This means more efficiency in power transmissions, which is great news for those who are into racing or who simply want to ride their cycle over long distances. 

Need more speed? The Speed 55 T DB is the fastest in the Fulcrum range. With a 55mm aerodynamic rim and powerful disc breaking, it is unparalleled as a racing wheel and is used by many expert cyclists who crave premium performance from their wheels. 

Besides road bike wheels, Fulcrum also make wheels specially designed for other riding conditions like gravel riding and triathlon, all of which feature the 2 to 1 spoke ratio disc brake, which keeps wheels more balanced during the braking process. This means less stress on the wheel and a safer, smoother ride for you. With so many features it's no wonder Fulcrum have become the wheel of choice for racers and professional riders. 

Want to see what other Fulcrum products are available? You can find a more extensive range Fulcrum bicycle wheels and wheelsets or check out some Fulcrum bicycle spokes for sale available online today. 

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