Furniture Slipcovers

Sofas and chairs have a hard life, especially in households with pets and kids. They are often subject to all kinds of abuse, from muddy feet to spilt food and drink. If your sofa or chair is feeling the strain, treat it to a new lease of life with a furniture slipcover.

Furniture covers

Furniture slipcovers are all in one elasticated covers for your sofa or armchair that simply pull over the entire piece of furniture and hold in place with anti-slip strips, creating a fresh look. Most slipcovers are machine washable and are easy to take off and clean time and time again.

Not only do these furniture protectors keep your sofa looking newer for much longer, they are also available in a wide range of colours and designs, so you can change the decor of your living room as often as you like without shelling out big bucks on new furniture.

Furniture cover sizes

The sizes of chair slipcovers vary but most are made from polyester and/or spandex and will stretch to fit sofas of any size. Some alternatives are made from plush material for a more luxuriously soft feel. These are designed to fit precisely and may be sectional, so it's important to know the exact dimensions of your furniture.

The stretchy microfiber means that many slipcovers are suitable for use with recliners and separate matching furniture covers can be purchased for ottomans, cushions and loveseats to fully complete the transformation.

Furniture protectors

An alternative to the all in one slipcover is a sofa throw. Designed to ‘throw' over the armchair or sofa, covering only the seats, back and arms, these are a quick and easy fix for pet owners and are typically quilted, suede or plush to give maximum comfort whilst being machine washable.