FUSION Entertainment bring innovative audio solutions of acoustic excellence into your home for the best sound around.

FUSION Entertainment began as a small New Zealand based company in 1998 and has grown into one of the world's biggest audio brands. Their strength in product design coupled with innovative thinking has created a large number of product categories, as well as a world-leading marine and car audio product range. FUSION is putting high-quality sound wherever they can and our ears are better for it. 

For the highest quality sound while you are driving consider some FUSION Car Subwoofers to bring out that bass and really give your driving tunes a full sound. These subwoofers feature quality audio reproduction, enhanced marine aesthetics meaning they can also be used in boats and LED illumination, all built for performance as they consistently produce quality, low-frequency audio at any volume level.

If there is one thing that FUSION are known for and excel at it's their Marine audio-visual equipment. Take for example their range of touchscreen marine stereos with Apple AirPlay and built-in Wi-Fi, that offer redefined audio excellence with revolutionary technology and innovative designs. FUSION create the highest waterproofing possible for sound equipment used in water, so you have the peace of mind that your system is protected.

FUSION speakers allow you to have customised and optimized audio for any area of your car, boat or home, resulting in an entertainment system that is perfectly tuned for premium audio reproduction and programmed to protect your system. Find a massive range of FUSION at unbelievable prices on eBay today and make everything isn your world sound the best it can.