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G.SKILL Computer Memory (RAM)

G.SKILL is a manufacturer of random access memory (RAM) or computer memory modules geared toward hardcore gamers and enthusiasts. The offer a solid array of choices for both updated systems as well as older ones that only take older memory standards, such as DDR2. To clarify, DDR stands for double data rate and indicates the type of memory modules. Check your motherboard specifications under 'memory' to find out the type of RAM module it takes as well as its frequency to ensure that your computer works with the new modules you plan to purchase.


If your system is really dated but you still want to keep it chugging for old time's sake, then G.SKILL DDR2 SDRAM can fit the bill. The Performance F2-5300CL4D-4GBPQ modules should come at a good price and run at 667 MBps with 4 GB of total memory. But if standard is fine with you, the F2-5300CL4D-2GBSA is the bang-for-your-buck option with 2 GB of memory split between two sticks.


If you have a moderately aged system, then you'll find that the motherboard supports only DDR3 memory. G.SKILL DDR3 SDRAM modules have you covered with well-designed and powerful sticks. Choose the F3-10666CL7D-4GBECO ECO modules if you have an older system that you just want to keep running. It's a total of 4 GB split between two modules at 1333 MBps. If a cooler look is what you need, get the RipjawsX, which come in black and red variants, but likewise operate at the same speeds as the ECO modules.


As of 2017, G.SKILL DDR4 RAM is the brand's latest offerings, with both value options and powerful and beastly choices. If you have a system that you don't feel like decking out, then consider the F4-2133C15D-16GNT RAM sticks. They come in a pair of 8 GB sticks with no frills but are capable of speeds of 2,133 MBps. The chips are exposed so they rely on your computer's airflow for cooling. The meanest of the choices is the F4-2133C15D-32GFT Fortis for AMD CPUs. They come at 32 GB total between both sticks and have a sleek black aluminium heatsink design that is more subdued than other G.SKILL DDR4 RAM sticks like the flaming red Ripjaws 4.

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