Let it grow, let it grow; help your garden and lawn thrive with GARDENA garden tools from eBay   

The hot Aussie sun can do quite a number on plants of all sorts. With sky-high temperatures and UV rays pounding your plants, you need to do everything in your power to keep things green. Having the right home and garden tools in your arsenal can keep vegetation hydrated and looking its best year-round. GARDENA sprinklers, hoses, hose nozzles and more from eBay can provide the help you need to keep your lawn green and your gardens growing.   

Why use garden watering timers and controllers? 

Using a GARDENA watering timer and controller can give you enhanced power over your lawn while helping the environment in the process.   

With a timer, you don’t have to worry about life getting in the way of watering your plants. Don’t worry if you forget to water before heading to the office or heading to bed. Feel free to go out of town or pack your calendar with other activities while your GARDENA watering timer takes care of business. Just set it, and forget it.   

But another benefit of these handy tools is that, as the name implies, you get more control over how much water you use. This can be of great importance in a country such as Australia, when water restrictions and draughts can be major factors that heavily influence water usage.   

It’s time to say goodbye to wilting leaves, brown grass and dusty, dead beds. GARDENA makes items both big and small that can help hydrate your home’s plant life. Find hoses, hose parts and accessories, sprinklers and more, as well as other garden watering equipment, on eBay today.