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GIGABYTE Motherboards

Creating all kinds of computer hardware, GIGABYTE has been in the technology business since 1986. GIGABYTE motherboards and CPU Combos have been trusted by consumers and businesses for decades for their quality and longevity. Motherboards are the central piece to any computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone. They host the most important parts to any computer system, including the central processor, memory, hard drive, and more. With a GIGABYTE computer motherboard, expect your system to run smoothly.


GIGABYTE motherboards come in a wide range of sizes and performance. Compact desktop motherboards are perfect for desktop computers that just need the basics. Larger format models provide power users and gamers with the performance they need. Some allow for as much as 32 GB of RAM or more, as well as processors up to 4 GHz or faster. Expansion slots allow users to add extra add-on cards, such as extra USB ports, television tuners, audio cards, or video cards.

Other Products

GiIGABYTE provides much more than just motherboards. Gigabyte computer components and parts include graphic cards, peripherals, power supplies, computer cases, and accessories. For instance, Nvidia and AMD-powered graphics cards provide the highest quality visuals for computing and gaming, while power supplies with 1000 watts of power or more ensure your system has all the power needed for any kind of computer use. Moreover, computer cases of all sizes make it easy for consumers to choose just the right size shell for their device.

Enterprise Solutions

For those with larger needs, GIGABYTE offers rack servers and bulk products of many kinds. Large server racks allow companies to connect a wide network of computers together with one simple solution. Bulk motherboards, computer cases, and accessories make it easy for companies to build as many systems as they need for their employees. Server-grade technology also gives you the highest quality, fastest processors on the market today.