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GIGABYTE Laptops and Notebooks

Getting into a new laptop or notebook is easy with GIGABYTE. With multiple models based around everything from portability to performance, the company has something for every need. One underrated advantage of laptops is the presence of a battery. Unlike desktop PCs, all PC laptops and notebooks effectively come with their own uninterruptible power supply that runs both the system and the monitor.


GIGABYTE gaming laptops provide the power of desktops in a portable form. Models like the AORUS give you the power you need to frag your opponents without compromising. Featuring high performance graphics processors from Nvidia, and 7th Generation Intel processors, these VR Ready beasts are ready to go at a moment's notice. The more you can see, the more you can play; that's why GIGABYTE offers laptops with screens up to 17.3 inches.

Slim and Powerful

Sometimes, balance matters more than raw performance. Slim and powerful GIGABYTE laptops and notebooks give you the performance you need for even the most demanding applications without ignoring the fact that laptops are supposed to be portable. Slimness means more than just elegant design, it means lightness so you don't have to feel like you're lugging a bag of bricks when you take your laptop somewhere.


Sometimes you want to put the top down on your car; other times you want to fold the keyboard back on your laptop. Convertible GIGABYTE laptops and notebooks give you the functionality of a computer with the option of the form factor of a tablet. Open it up and it's ready for work, fold it back and there's nothing between you and the screen.


While some go on and on about size, it's important not to forget that portable computers need memory, too. GIGABYTE 8 GB PC laptops and notebooks give you all the RAM you need for even the most demanding games, while GIGABYTE 6 GB PC laptops and notebooks provide a superb balance for media consumption and even heavy Internet browsing.